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The study in Denmark is free for all European Union citizens. EU citizens have a chance to attend a full-time study and 10 hours of work a week (a student’s class is usually about 120 kr) to receive a scholarship of 5000 DKK (1 DKK = 0.99 HRK). With this scholarship and the salary of student work, students cover all their living expenses. From student experience, they regularly save 1000 to 2000 kuna per month for travel and similar luxuries that Croatia can not even dream of. The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is an example of a new, innovative faculty that offers interesting and highly sought-after directions outside the framework of common Croatian education. Some of them are Bachelor in Design & Business, Bachelor in Software Development, Bachelor in Web Development, Bachelor in Product Development and Integrative Technology. Each of the aforementioned degrees offers safe, well-paid jobs around the world.

How do you find the idea of getting a British diploma from your room in a warm Croatian home? Open University is a British state college founded by the British government in 1969 to allow its citizens a second form of knowledge acquisition. Online study leaves plenty of time to work with the study and provides great flexibility. The Open University Diploma is recognized everywhere in the world and Open University is the world’s leading online education institution. Another positive aspect of this type of study compared to classroom study is much more accessible tuition. 

Study in Ireland is very popular among Croatians in the last couple of years. The most prestigious diploma is “university”, which in Ireland has a total of seven. After the “university” there are 14 so-called. “Institutes of technology” that provide programs in economics, science, engineering, linguistics and music. There are also “colleges of education” that provide training for educators and other colleges that provide courses in the field of economics and vocational training.

Tuition fees in Ireland depend on the occupation area. As far as undergraduate students are concerned, the tuition fee is € 3,000 for EU citizens

University College Dublin is their best university. It offers a number of different directions and these job opportunities after that fax are great.