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Our Mission

Education is the most important item in man’s life. It helps us deal with everyday challenges and promotes our career. Investing in education is the best investment and therefore we help our clients find the best option for them.

Our Clients

The satisfaction of our clients is what motivates us most. Because of the different needs of each user of our services, we access each and every individual. We offer complete service, from faculty selection through preparation of documentation until receiving positive results. We listen carefully to our customers and do everything we can to meet their expectations and needs.

New Generations

It does not matter what the average rating you have, we are interested in just what your ambitions are. Regardless of whether you see your future in Croatia or another foreign country, going abroad for a year, it is invaluable for life for a year and we are sure you will not regret it.

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email: info@danda-edu.com

+385 91 539 4905